Which rental should I book? 

A guide to which rental is the best one for you! 


All rentals come with: Full protective equipment and unlimited bbs (no sneaky hidden extras!). 

combat machine.jpg

Aeg rental (£35)

aeg (or assault rifle) is the perfect package for beginners to airsoft. these mid range rifles are easy to carry around all day and perfect for those wanting to be in the thick of the action. we have a selection of assault rifles to suit all ages and abilities

Sniper rifle rental (£40)

Sniper rifles require the most skill of all of our rental packages. with only 20 rounds per mag, you will need to rely on skill and stealth to pick your shots. each sniper rifle come with a scope. these long range weapons suit those wanting to take the game a bit slower and keep their distance. 

lmg rental (£45)

this fast paced machine gun is the ultimate choice! equipped with 2500 bbs at a time, you'll feel unstoppable on the field. be at the very forefront of the action and give your teammates much needed cover fire and protection.